Saturday , June 25 2016

Internet Censorship – Browse The Web In China When Your Favorite Sites Are Blocked

Internet Censorship

If you want to see the differences between Google’s top level domains, try doing a Google Image search from your country’s Top Level Domain, and then from Type in the Search box: “Tian’anmen Square massacre” or “Tian An Men Square massacre”. Ironically, this translates to “Gate of Heavenly Peace”. …

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Configure ShoreTel For Redundancy, Resiliency Or Business Continuity

ShoreTel For Redundancy

Of late we have seen a growing interest in building “disaster recovery” solutions for both the data and the voice applications so critical for business operation. First, we need to make sure we understand the difference between redundancy, resiliency and other configuration options to assure business continuity. Many more installations …

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